Rev. Thomas HungYong Song and Rev. Ock Kee Byun are ordained ministers of Reformed Church in America.

Rev. Song graduated from Mannes College of Music in Manhattan as  voice major. He graduated from New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, NJ for his master’s degree.

He has completed Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at New York Methodist Hospital in Park Slop, Brooklyn and NYU Medical Center in Manhattan. He has also completed a pastoral counseling program at Postgraduate Center for Mental Health in NYC. He has experiences in coaching, mentoring and counseling for individuals, groups and families in various settings.

He has been serving local churches of his denomination in Queens and Long Island as a pastor and regional synod staff. He has a deep commitment for spiritual revivals of local churches and individuals. He has in depth experiences in various multi-ethnic and multi-cultural ministries.

He is married with Rev. Ock Kee Byun, who is also an ordained minister of Reformed Church in America. Rev. Song loves kayaking, fishing, playing soccer,  and listening to classical music.

Rev. Byun graduated from  Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea as nursing major. She practiced nursing in Philadelphia, PA as RN.  She graduated from  New Brunswick Theological Seminary with her master’s degree in Divinity. She completed her  Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Northshore University Hospital in L.I. and V.A. Hospital in NYC.  

She is certified chaplain. She used to work for New Brunswick Theological Seminary as chaplain and student recruiter. She served local churches in Queens and L.I. She has expertise in Children’s ministry and pastoral care for families and individuals.